Company Profile

A group of people who love cars thought one day, why not do what we love? The answer, a Luxury Car Rental Company.
Passionate about Cars, to us a vehicle is more than a transportation machine, we understand the need to feel the comfort and luxury when driving your dream car.
Eager to meet, and serve individuals that share our passion for cars, we created ZINC Cars Rentals.
But, we are not new to the scene, with more than a decade of success in LUXURY rentals and servicing customers with a dedication and passion, we choose to expend in the industry. We are driven by our unbeatable desire to deliver luxury vehicles to your door, with a promise to match your requirements with meticulous planning.
ZINC Car Rental is the new addition in luxury car rental market, which will allow us to have a bigger and more diversified fleet of luxury vehicles, from Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Mercedes, Porsche to name a few prestigious names.