Guarantee Booking

In order to guarantee a car rental booking with ZINC you have to follow the quick and simple instructions given below:


Fill in and sign the attached Credit Card Authorization Form – Click Here   to download the CC Authorization From

  • Scan the authorization form duly filled and signed
  • Scan the front and back of the credit card
  • Scan the passport containing identification of the credit card holder.
  • Send the above documents to: e-mail

We will reserve your selected vehicle as soon as we receive the credit card authorization form and the required documentation.

Booking Form

1. Rates are subject to availability and can change without prior notice

2. Rates & Availability of the vehicle will not change in case of guaranteed bookings.

3. All tentative bookings will automatically be cancelled if not guaranteed within 5 days.

4. All extras such as fuel, airport tax, toll fees (SALIK) etc, are payable by the renter.

5. All ZINC rentals are subject to the local ZINC terms and conditions – Click Here   to Read Full Terms & Conditions.

6. Vehicles cannot be driven outside of the UAE.

7. Renter will be subject to standard terms and conditions as mentioned here and subject to renter qualification .

8. All Guaranteed booking will be covered with benefits of fixed pricing (price on the date of booking) and vehicle guaranteed.